Sheng Deng is currently Professor of Marketing and International Business at Goodman School of Business. He holds a PhD and MBA from Boston University, and a BA from Huazhong University of Sciences and Technology. He teaches courses in marketing and international business. He also taught in universities in the United States, New Zealand, China, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine and Kyrghystan.

Aside from his academic career in USA and Canada, Deng worked as Senior Strategy Manager at Accenture Consulting Company and Director of Shell Oil Companies in Northeast Asia. He has been a Senior Expert Committee Member at NGO of Economic and Social Council of United Nations since 1998, and has done consulting work for the United Nations, The World Bank, Canadian Government and Chinese Government.

Deng has traveled extensively to more than sixty countries over the years for academic exchanges and government advisory work and is currently serving as a business advisor to a number of governments. He is also a prolific speaker, having delivered nearly three hundreds invited speeches and seminars at various forums and academic institutions. He is frequently interviewed on TV, Radio and by newspapers for his thoughts on issues relating to international trade and China’s economy. He was also the Vice President of Chinese Economists Society (USA) for two terms.