Deborah McPhee holds a Bachelor of Administrative Studies from York University, an MBA from Schulich School of Business, York University, and a PhD in Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management from McMaster University.

She served as the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Accreditations for the Goodman School of Business from January 2011 to June 2014.

Prior to her academic career, McPhee worked as a Human Resources Professional in a variety of different industries and companies, including Falconbridge Nickel Mines, NEC Canada Inc. and Nissan Canada Inc.

McPhee was formerly a member of the Joint Health and Safety Committee at the Marilyn I Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts (MIWSFPA) (2017- 2018) at Brock University and also sat as the BUFA Health and Safety Representative in 2017. She also writes health and safety cases and served as a judge at the Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (ICBC).

She previously served on a number of Human Resource Professionals Association (HRPA) committees including Professional Standards and Education Standards. She currently sits as a board member at MINERVA Canada, whose mandate is to encourage educational institutions in business and engineering to teach Health and Safety in the classroom at post-secondary levels.

In 2010, McPhee received the Right Management HR Academic of Year Award at the Annual HR Summit Awards, sponsored by HRPA and Canadian HR Reporter. In 2013 she won an award from MINERVA Canada in recognition of her work to promote the teaching of Health and Safety in post-secondary and for her contributions to MINERVA Canada.